Saturday, August 22, 2009

A hero's welcome! Hooray for Megrahi! Hooray for Libya!

Some people just will not get it. They either ignore current events and history or just are incapable of understanding their significance.

If you hadn't already heard, the Pam Am bomber was just released because he has terminal prostate cancer. Apparently, this was done out of compassion, to give this convicted murderer of 270 people the opportunity to die, peacefully in his homeland. And so, the cultured and enlightened nation of Scotland, in a show of goodwill and understanding to the people of Libya and the greater Islamic world, decreed that Mr. Megrahi be allowed to go free as his time on this world was nearing to an end.

So there he went, flying off into the sunset...with Moammar Gadhafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi along for the ride. Amongst statements from Scottish Secretary of Justice MacAskill, justifying the release...

No compassion was shown by him to them. But that alone is not a reason for us to deny compassion to him. Mr. al-Megrahi now faces a sentence imposed by a higher power.

...and warnings from Western leaders not to make a big show of his return...

"I think it's very important that Libya knows, and certainly we have told them, that how the Libyan government handles itself in the next few days after the arrival of Mr. Megrahi will be very significant in the way the world views Libya's re-entry into the civilized community of nations,"

...the question would the Libyans receive a released mass murderer? Would they protest his crime? Would they even let him off the plane? Would they throw rotten fruits and vegetables at him?

Hey look, it's a party! Let's do some Jäger bombs! Oh wait wrong occasion, uhhh not bombs, bombs are about beer pong instead! All right!

Wooo confetti! Welcome home sport! We missed you! We love you!

And what about everybody's new bestest friend, Gadhafi? What did he have to say about the return of one of the worst murderers in history?

Great to have you back dude! Don't forget we gotta chill at the palace after-party dawg. It's gonna be off da hook ya'heard!

Actually Gadhafi didn't say that, but he did thank his "good friend" Prime Minister Gordon Brown for sending a mass-murderer back home. Gadhafi's son Seif was more direct in his statement that Megrahi's "liberation is a victory that we offer to all Libyans". Keep in mind by the way that Megrahi was not released on any appeal of his conviction. He was released on grounds of compassion. The Scottish government was essentially saying: "We still think he killed those people but we're going to let him go anyway because we feel bad for him".

And bingo, hero's welcome. Flags, flower petals and embraces with the leader of the country.

But wait a minute. Didn't everyone tell the Libyans to behave? After all...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had specifically asked Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi not to give al Megrahi a celebratory welcome, Brown's office at 10 Downing Street said.

Brown wrote a letter to Gadhafi, delivered to the Libyan Foreign Ministry on Thursday, asking the Libyans to act with sensitivity with regard to al Megrahi's return.

Hello? Moammar? You there? Your "good friend" TOLD you not to do this! Why, it's almost don't CARE what your new English-speaking friends think of you. Like you don't care what anyone thinks as long as you get what you want. That's not very nice Moammar. You've made Mr. Brown and Mr. Obama very very very upset. I mean, they SPECIFICALLY ASKED you not to do this. You can absolutely FORGET about being invited to the White House to play on Barack's new slim Playstation 3 now. Just forget it!

I mean, what a shocking turn of events. A convicted mass-murderer receives a hero's welcome in his Middle Eastern country while the truly enlightened Western leaders are humiliated.

Except that it's not shocking at all. This is what happens. How many times do we need to see these cheering, taunting crowds who mock and ridicule the naive idiots that release killers back into society? How many times do we have to act "shocked" and "disgusted" that these absolutely sick societies embrace murderers and terrorists as their ultimate heroes? How many times is it going to take before we wake up and realize that it's not just propaganda, it's not just the government news stations. It's the people themselves who live in these countries that support terrorism. No, not all Libyans are terrorists. Not all Palestinians are terrorists. Not all Iranians want to obliterate Israel. But so many of them support terrorism and nuclear annihilation that it is impossible to ignore.

And of course our "leaders" react with shock and outrage as If they could never fathom that a Middle Eastern dictatorship could ignore their demands.

Obama described the scenes at Tripoli airport as "highly objectionable", and the White House warned the Libyan government that it risked a rift between the two countries if there is any repetition of the hero's welcome for Megrahi. Gibbs said the US would be watching what happens next. It wants Megrahi held under house arrest. Part of the US anger is because Libya snubbed a plea by Obama not to award him a hero's welcome.

Wow I can't WAIT to see "what happens next". What will the consequence for this "snub" be exactly? Sanctions? Or much more likely just a bunch of huffing and puffing and then...back to begging the Islamic world for forgiveness for supporting Israel.

This isn't the first time these terrorist-worship-fests have happened either.

It happened when Samir Kuntar, murderer of five people including a 4 year old received a hero's welcome in Lebanon

It happened when Yasir Arafat was applauded at the United Nations, despite being responsible for thousands of dead Israelis and Palestinians

And it even happens when the perpetrators are not in attendance, as during the recent Fatah "conference" where notorious murderers Dalal Mughrabi and Khaled Abu-Usbah were honored as heroes and martyrs

How can we ignore these images? How can we refuse to learn from these events? How our leaders be so naive, so blind, so pathetic as to continue making these deals, knowing they will be continuously humiliated?

These people are not our friends. These societies do not respect compassion and understanding. They respect strength, power and resolve. Come on Gordon and think they care about your "victims sensitivities" or your "civilized community of nations" ? You naive, ignorant fools. They are laughing at you today! They are thanking you for your complete ignorance! They delight in making blockheads out of you. They see you as buffoons, as clowns, as pathetic excuses for leaders. As idiots, as suckers to be taken advantage of. And for once, I can agree with the terrorists and their supporters. Because you see, in the final insult, as if a hero welcome for a murderer wasn't bad enough - present at the celebrations were SCOTTISH FLAGS.

That's right, before the plane doors opened and the confetti and green flags of Islam started flying, the crowd, in an ultimate display of mockery...actually waved the emblem of the very nation that this attack took place in.

"Specifically asked" to behave indeed.

When will people start to get it?

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Sachin said...

So now is Israel going to bomb Libya??

Sachin said...

Come on man a country(Israel) which beleives systematic execution of Palestinians which beleives in nuking Iran,beleives extermination of Arabs has no moral right of speaking of compassion.
You get what you deserve.I am not a Muslim but I have a human brain to understand what is right & what is wrong.If you think that what Libya did was wrong so do u shud have basic human IQ to beleive that the culprits of Sabra & shatila shud be brought to justice which Israel had a big hand.

RonMossad said...

Do you have any basis whatsoever for what you're saying or are really just blowing hot air? Nuking Iran? Execution Palestinians? NEWSFLASH: The only people executing Palestinians are PALESTINIANS.

Both Fatah

and Hamas

Get your facts straight

The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

I heard bits and peices of it, but I didn't catch the whole story. Either way, I cannot believe they let the guy go so he could die peacefully in his homeland. I bet the 270 people he murdered would have liked to do that. To bad they didn't get a chance.

Obama objects to thier celebration? I just want to know, did he object to the guy being let go in the first place? If not, his words don't count for anything.

People will only start to get it when the media begins telling the truth about Islam. Right now, they're too busy spouting empty platitudes about how Islam is a religion of peace.

RonMossad said...

Even if he did object. What did he do about it? It's all just empty words and nonsense. That's the really disgraceful part. I don't expect any better out of Libya...I used to expect better out of the US. Maybe in retrospect I'm the naive one afterall...

Anonymous said...

so what is the view here on this guy?

Somehoe I don't think there is as much outrage because this guy is not muslim...

RonMossad said...

Ok thank you for linking to that story from two years ago as if it were brand new.

A few issues with your comparison to Megrahi.

1. The story you linked to could not have been more one-sided. In a story about an alleged American conspiracy to keep him from "justice" there was no quote from any representative from the US government? Fine journalism really is par for the course at "Democracy Now!"

2. There is a pretty big difference between the US and A not releasing an alleged terrorist to a country that is run by a dictator who has a history of sham trials and torturing political opponents and Scotland releasing a convicted murderer who was found guilty of a crime against their own population. Not quite the same.

3. Finally and most importantly - the man was NOT CONVICTED OF HIS CRIME. MEGRAHI WAS. And then released. Completey COMPLETELY different situation. A court, found Megrahi guilty. Had him in jail. And let him free on "compassionate" grounds. Here you want a third party country, to release a SUSPECT into custody where he is likely to be treated the way Megrahi treated his victims.


If I was running a website called RONCUBA and I spent my time reporting on these matters and had enough information to honestly believe this guy did what he is being accused of, I would probably be pretty mad. I'm not RONCUBA or RONVENEZUALA though, I'm RONMOSSAD and as such my area of expertise is the Middle East and the enemies of Israel. Not the enemies of communism.

Looking at the facts in that "article" - I don't see enough hard evidence to be as mad as you think I should be.

Sorry. I wish you the best of luck in proving that this man is the killer you say he is. When you do, come back here and I'll have no issue recommending him for expulsion regardless of what his religion is.

I'll be right here, anxiously awaiting your return.