Thursday, December 4, 2008

The difference?

We police our own...

...they welcome theirs with open arms as heroes.

Every nation has its extremists, how the moderates deal with them is the mark of a civilized society.

In the picture a Jewish extremist in the West Bank was arrested for disobeying the law and refusing to to vacate a disputed house in Hebron.

In the video, a group of Palestinian children sing and dance while dressed up as suicide bombers on national television.

What's wrong with this picture??

In the first link, the Israel Defense Force destroyed a ship carrying weapons on its way to supplying the Irgun, a Jewish militia right at the outset of the War of Independence. Several Jews (on both sides) were killed and many tons of ammunition/weapons (all of which were desperately needed) were destroyed.

In the second link, a man named Samir Kuntar, who murdered three Israelis (one of whom was a four year old girl) was welcomed as a hero for his actions. Later on he vows to kill more Jews and praises notorious terrorist Imad Mugniyeh - the former most wanted man in the world before Bin-Laden brought the house down on 9/11/01.

Whether we agree with the political views of the settlers or not. Whether we agree with their actions against the Palestinians or not. One side has proven time and again that in pursuit of the greater good they will make very real, very tangible

and very serious sacrifices.

While the other side... less than flexible.

Jews evicting other Jews in Gaza and getting into fights with each other to make room for Arabs who use the now vacant property to fire rockets at more Jews. And then doing the same thing in the West Bank.

And the world looks on as if there was any moral equivalency in the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

I heard a quote that I found expains it very well.
"If the Arabs where to lay down there weapons, there would be peace.
If Israel was to lay down there weapons, there would be no Isreal.

RonMossad said...

Ain't that the truth

Dhivehi Resistance said...

Richard John Neuhaus defines jihadism as “the religiously inspired ideology [which teaches] that it is the moral obligation of all Muslims to employ whatever means [are] necessary to compel the world’s submission in Islam.” For example, using Arab children as human bombs to kill Jews. Israel’s conflict with Palestinian jihadists is not about territory; the ultimate issue is theological.

Islam is the enemy