Monday, January 26, 2009

Down with the sickness

This site has been a ghost-town for the past week or so due to a brutal case of some mutated flu-related illness keeping me down and off the internet. I suspect biological warfare from some rabid Jon Stewart fans. Or Hamas. Or same difference. I'm only JOKING people, relax.

I'm still not 100% back to "normal" but speaking of being down with a sickness, here's an example of more of that evil Israeli Zionist genocide against Palestinians we keep hearing about:

Medics at Israel's newly inaugurated border clinic expressed their frustration Tuesday at the lack of patients from Gaza coming to the facility, which is situated on the Strip's northern border, and was officially opened Sunday.

Wow! How terrible!

The facility is staffed with emergency specialists, pediatricians, family physicians, gynecologists/obstetricians, trauma experts, surgeons, orthopedists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and other experts.

But will they accept HMO's?? If not it's racist and discriminatory! Call the Human Rights commission!

Tony Laurance, acting head of the World Health Organization's office in Gaza and the West Bank, told The Jerusalem Post earlier this week that he doubted that Palestinians would be allowed by their leaders to access the clinic.

So let me get this straight...Israel sets up a clinic for injured Palestinians, Hamas doesn't allow the Palestinians to use it...and ISRAEL is condemned for war crimes. This is the way the world works these days. Thanks again to the Jerusalem Post for reporting the stories no one west of Tel Aviv or east of Jerusalem will.

More developments from the recently completed Operation Cast Lead pouring in...we have this article from Haaretz, this one from the Sydney Morning Herald and this one from yes, no less an authority than CNN.COM all confirm previous reports on this blog of Hamas executing Palestinian civilians and hijacking supply convoys intended for Palestinians. I'm sure the UN will be demanding an independent investigation any minute now. Any minute...

In other news, mass rape is committed in the Congo (including allegations against the UN "peacekeeping" force stationed there), Islamist "fighters" seize control of the headquarters for the UN-backed government just a few hours after Ethiopean troops left under a cease-fire deal and the Sri Lankan government has bombed approximately 15 hospitals and killed 66 civilians in the past three days.

So to recap...

Number of non-oil-Arab-related-Palestinians killed by non-evil-bank-controlling-Jew-related-Israelis: hundreds

Number of world-wide protests condemning these attacks: zero

It seems you're having some trouble
In dealing with these changes
Living with these changes
Oh no, the world is a scary place
Now that you've woken up the demon ... in me

Get up, come on get down with the sickness
Get up, come on get down with the sickness
Get up, come on get down with the sickness
Open up your hate, and let it flow into me

Lyrics by Disturbed - warning EXPLICIT content on that site.

This world is officially, absolutely, out of its collective mind. There's just nothing to discuss - no justice, no logic, nothing. Israel gets trounced in the court of public opinion for defending itself against Hamas murderers, but these rapists, Islamic fascists and borderline dictatorships get a FREE PASS.

But why get mad? We'll be much happier if we just get down with the sickness.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, my friend, for 2000 years the world has gotten used to seeing Jews get murdered / deported / oppressed without a fight and without a state of their own. That's why it bothers people to see Jews fighting back, but the world doesn't seem to mind Africans butchering and raping each other; they've seen the dark continent tear itself apart for hundreds of years. These biases are in the collective memory of everyone in Europe and the Middle East. If it takes another 2000 years to convince the world that the Jewish people have changed, so be it. Our triumph will only be that much greater.

Moai said...

Disturbed's singer is a Jew. I refuse to read their lyrics because they must contain JEWI- I MEAN ZIONIST PROPAGANDA STANLEY KUBRICK BANANAS GROW ON TREES.

I got an idea. Shouldn't the "Peace Now" movement change it's name into "Apocalypse Now"? I mean, I don't want to imagine what happens if Hamas take over the south of Israel. I know one thing-the world wouldn't report the death of any Jews there. Or at least won't pay attention. Maybe because they're ZIONIST ILLEGAL SETTLERS?

This is so absurd. It should be in the book Catch-22. Wait, Heller is a Jew. Zionist asshole.

Is there any other way to contact you, RonMossad? It's Skinnee again. Get well fast and soon.

AlgerianRebel said...

Talking about sickness.....Seeing such a picture of marchers against Israel, with brain-washed women and children involved in it, makes me sick, really Sick!!
These marchers are a pure example of hypocrisy...They say they are protesting out of HUMANISM and solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestinians in general...well...They talk about Humanism, ha ha ha ha (laugh) ..Then where was their Humanism when Saddam committed the famous genocide against Kurds? Where was their humanism when the Twin Towers were attacked, and hundreds of peoples perished? Have they ever marched against such acts? at the best cases they were totally indifferent, and in the other cases we have witnessed people hailing of joy at seeing the two towers collapsing, as if the dead were not humans but only " flies" or " worms" or everything but not "human beings", where was their humanism in all this? Is their Humanism SOOOOO selective, that it is confined only to Palestinians? Why do they target only Israel? Why not terrorism? Why not their governments?

Another thing (For Arabs): If you are hailing Hitler and Nazis being heroes for their systematic killing of Jews, then you must know that: If Arabs lived in Germany at that period; they would have been treated worse than Jews!!

Skinnee Jay said...


AlgerianRebel said...

Skinnee Jay,

No body is sure whether 9/11 was a conspiracy or not. it is only one of the multitudes of theorises that were given to explain the attack. Well, let's forget about 9/11, since you don't think it was done by Muslims...then can you tell me who is responsible on the other terrorists attacks around the world? in Algeria, India, Afghanistan, London, Madrid, Saudia, and the list is still looong ? Sure, they are not done by Zionists. Just to take the words of Wafa Sultan as example: " We never heard about a Jew who blew himself in German Restaurant".
For your information Mr Skinny Jay, I am not saying this out of Islamophobia , I am only depicting the truth of Islam and Moslems, I am describing what I am really witnessing. Being from a Muslim background, I do know what I am speaking about. We have been victims of this religion for centuries and centuries, I don't want it to have more victims. Oh Yessss !! I do have all the right and reason to be Islamophobic,and to be "frightened" of this religion which threatens me of DEATH if I convert to another belief,or merely criticize its teachings, this religion " frightens" me as it preaches violence, hate and intolerance more than it calls for love, it "scares" and disgusts me as a woman, because my status in Islam is not much different from that of a domestic animal, and that according to Muhammed " Hell is more accessible to Women than Paradise is ", I do hate this religion as it blinded its adepts from seeing truth, ...Yes Jay, I am "Islamophobic" because I am an " Islamovictim" !

Another piece of information for you Mr Jay (if you don't happen to be Muslim): According to Kuran, you must be killed unless you testify that there is no God other than Allah, and that Mohamed (the ultimate example of Muslims, including Terrorists) is the Messenger of Allah....I can give other facts and information if you want....which will make you think thousands of times before judging a person as being Islamophobic.

Skinnee Jay said...

Eh, AlgerianRebel, I was sarcastic and felt like mocking those annoying 9/11 theories. That's why it's in CapsLock. I'm 100% against Islamic terror and I'm a Jew from the Illegal State of Israel.