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Revolution Muslim VS South Park update: converts, tolerance, Ibrahim Hooper and self-responsibility

A few updates and additional thoughts on the Revolution Muslim VS South Park saga which is still continuing to develop and still getting no real reaction from anyone important.

First from there is some background information on the group and the guy who allegedly made the threat against Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

From the article:

By all appearances, Zachary Adam Chesser was the boy next door. He played football and was on the crew team at one of the best high schools in the country. He even studied Japanese. He was hardly the sort of boy you'd expect would suggest on a radical Islamic website that the creators of the edgy cartoon series "South Park" will be targeted for death...

Two years later, Chesser is literally a changed man. He now uses an alias and has a new set of hobbies. He now likes to be called Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, and his primary interest in this world appears to be Islamic radicalism.
Excellent! Another lost soul who converted to Islam because he probably didn't get enough of an education in his own religion/culture from his parents. In fact, if you look at the other public members or former members of the group, they're ALL converts from various religions.

Take this story from The Brooklyn Ink on the founder of the site, a man named Yousef Al-Khattab - born Joseph Cohen:
Born Joseph Cohen, Khattab says he converted to Islam after coming across a Muslim from the United Arab Emirates in a Jewish chat-room while in Netivot, Israel in 1998. Their to and fro on religion lasted two years, and for Khattab, the exchange confirmed previous doubts about Judaism and eventually prompted him to embrace Islam after reading an English translation of the Quran. The exchanges, he says, reaffirmed his belief that rabbis use deception to keep Jews subservient to them...
Ok, terrific! According to Khattab's bio on an Islamic website he was "born to a Secular Jewish family, and at the age of 18 years old decided to look 'deeper' into belief in God," eventually he "entered a Yeshiva and started [his] journey into the Orthodox Rabbinical racist cult." I would highly encourage you to check out the rest of his post before it's inevitably taken down - it is quite the trip. In fact, I'll copy/paste it into the comments section of this article to ensure it never goes away.

As for the guy in the video seen berating people on the streets of New York from the last post, Younes Abdullah Muhammad, there were several references all over the internet to his being a convert as well. For better or worse though, he's done a better job of keeping his pre-terrorism life private.

So what we have here is yet another example of people who were seemingly normal Americans growing up to become significantly ABNORMAL pro-al Qaeda extremists. This is not the first time this topic has been covered here. Back in 2007, I wrote about Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and his journey from secular Jew to radical Muslim to Christian anti-terrorism consultant. And of course by now you're familiar with Adam "Yahiye Gadahn" Pearlman and John Walker Lindh - both Americans, who came from seemingly normal homes but ended up being sucked into al Qaeda.

These (along with the Revolution Muslim guys) are obviously extreme examples the American melting pot gone terribly wrong, but let's be honest with ourselves, you only need to go as far as your nearest college campus to see thousands of young Americans protesting against the very country that gave them the ability to protest it. Obviously, it's not the same thing - but there is this tremendous undercurrent of self-hatred in this country that if left unchecked can turn into outright extremism and death threats against cartoons.

Without exception every single one of these extremists absolutely shatter the absolute myth that in order to become a terrorist you must grow up in a closed, poverty-stricken society. Sorry Chomsky, sorry ANSWER Coalition, sorry International Solidarity Movement, sorry Daily Kos, but none of these guys had their land "stolen" by Zionists. None of these guys were the subject of "evil" American foreign policy. None of these guys were disenfranchised minorities. They were people who were raised in exactly the type of environment you WANT them to be raised in and look what it got them. Look what it got all of us.

Why does this happen? What causes people to go from being normal, often very liberal Americans and turn into something like this?

Declaring jihad against the "Joos" - executives at Tropicana and Minute Maid express serious concerns

It all comes down to the fact that we simply do not prepare our children to deal with the people that would seek to convert and take advantage of them. While it's very good to accept people of different faiths, religions, ethnicities - if you do not make it very clear to your children what YOU believe and what YOU feel they should believe in as well, they're going to be open to someone ELSE who will make it clear to them what THEY think your child should believe in. It's all about the foundation you lay for your children. If you don't provide a strong example for them, someone or something else will. Education starts at the home because the minute your children walk out that door there are literally thousands of people, groups, companies and movements competing for their attention.

You see, there is a limit to tolerance, that when reached it begins to foster intolerance. By tolerating the ability of groups like Revolution Muslim to target your children and convert them to their cause you are allowing the most INTOLERANT people in the world to succeed. And believe me, once that line is crossed, once your child has turned into an Al-Amrikee or a Gadhan not only will you weep for your child that you've will bear the responsibility for anyone your child's intolerance has brainwashed or assaulted.

The problem with accepting these kinds of groups is that THEY will NOT accept YOU. They will NOT accept the television shows you watch. They will NOT accept your inter-faith dialogues and marriages. The only thing they will tolerate is their own extremist viewpoints and the only time they will accept you is when you've been converted to their cause as well.

We as private citizens cannot do anything about al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, that's a job for the military. We need to do our part here at home by taking responsibility for ourselves and our families. We must provide a strong alternative to extremism by showing our youth that we too have a culture that's deeper than just "Dancing with the Stars" and Walmart.

Finally on the subject of responsibility, at the same time we are taking ownership of our own communities, it is imperative that we call out those people who continually to refuse to do the same for their own communities.

From the original Fox News article on Al-Amrikee:
Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, characterized Revolution Muslim as a loosely-organized group with such outrageous beliefs he believes it may be a "setup" to smear Islam.

"They say wild and irresponsible things periodically," Hooper told "There's a strong suspicion that they're merely a setup to make Muslims and Islam look bad. They say such wild and crazy things that you have to wonder."
THIS. Right HERE is where as a society we LOSE. Really Ibrahim? They're "setup" are they? Setup by whom? Why can't Hooper, along with the rest of the terrorist apologists just accept the fact that there are a LOT of Muslim extremists? If Islam is as peaceful a religion as you say it is - then why not CONDEMN these extremists in ISLAMIC terms.

Recently in my non-blogging life, I've come across quite a few Muslims who have presented compelling ISLAMIC cases for why the terrorists are wrong. In fact, just recently the highly respected, internationally-known Shaikh Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri issued a FATWA AGAINST TERRORISM.

Why do people like Hooper and the Council on American-Islamic Relations insist on making excuses instead of following ul-Qadri's example and CONDEMNING people like Revolution Muslim for what they are? I myself have no problem calling out members of the Jewish community that I disagree with and have done so on numerous occasions in the past. What's this guy's problem? Does it have something to do with the fact that like Revolution Muslim, Hooper is himself a convert?

You know how you shut up a religious extremist? You find an even MORE religious guy who disagrees with their views and uses their own religious logic AGAINST them. You certainly don't apologize and make excuses for them or worse ignore responsibility completely by acting as if this is some kind of bizarre conspiracy to defame you! It is very telling and disappointing that a Pakistani cleric is more solid on anti-terrorism than Americans like Hooper.

In fact it is exactly this kind of tolerance of terrorism by people like Hooper that fosters the malaise that drives people like Zachary Chesser and Joseph Cohen to morph into Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee and Yousef Al-Khattab respectively. Actually it's probably what turned "Doug" Hooper into "Ibrahim" Hooper as well. So of course he doesn't know how to handle the extremists - he is a product of the same society that created them and is basically one himself!

In the end what needs to happen if we are going to put a stop to this extremely disturbing trend in our society is the following:

1. We must take responsibility for ourselves and our communities by presenting a very clear vision of what we believe and why we believe it. And if you aren't sure what you believe in yet...don't have children and bring them into your world of confusion.

2. We cannot have any tolerance for nations, communities or people who do not respect our right to live in the way we choose to. Simply saying "it's their culture" provides a justification for their actions and gives extremists like Revolution Muslim the ability to be intolerant towards us.

3. We must DEMAND that other communities take the same responsibility for their actions and police their own the way we are expected to police our own. The same way that it's wrong for a non-Muslim to say "all Muslims are terrorists" is the same way that it is wrong for a Muslim to say "all non-Muslims are must be terrorized". Furthermore, any member or self-declared leader of their community who attempts to justify this position or shirks responsibility for it is no better than the person making that statement.

This is a very basic, very simple can say and think whatever you want, but the minute you begin forcing your beliefs on others - that is where you cross the line and lose your right to do so. If we do this, if we train our youth to do this we will be arming them against these fanatics and giving them the tools to build the kind of life we wish for them.

But if we don't do this...

Well, the results pretty much speak for themselves.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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RonMossad said...

From the Revolution Muslim founder's bio:

Yousef al Khattab, Ex-Jew, USA

Description: Born and raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish environment in America, Yousef moves to the Israel and discovers Islam!

By Yousef al Khattab

Published on 14 May 2007 - Last modified on 31 May 2008
Viewed: 8168 (daily average: 8) - Rating: 4.1 out of 5 - Rated by: 43
Printed: 284 - Emailed: 13 - Commented on: 2

I was born to a Secular Jewish family, and at the age of 18 years old decided to look “deeper” into belief in God. Like most people, I looked at religion from a view point that was closer to me. Being that my family was Jewish and I was raised to attend Jewish schools I looked into Rabbinical “Orthodox Judaism”.

In the year 1988 I entered a Yeshiva and started my journey into the Orthodox Rabbinical racist cult. In 1991 I wed my 1st wife (then) Luna Mellul now Qamar al Khattab.

She was from the Moroccan town named Tetouan and was attending the racist Orthodox Jewish girl’s seminary known as Breuers or Sampson Raphael Hirsh Bet Yaakov aka Bais Yakov.

1992 bought us the birth of my 1st child Abdel Rahman (formally Rachamim Cohen).

Alhumdulilah[1] he was then as he is now my pride and joy. Upon the birth of Abdel Rahman we were living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the Satmar Hasidic community. I used to see all the lying and cheating, government scams and money laundering using the Synagogue and Yeshiva bank accounts and the poor hygiene of these folk, and was nervous for my new born son not to grow up like these folk.

We tried broadening our horizons and moved to the Ocean Parkway area of Brooklyn, later that year.

1994 till 1998 bought us the birth of 3 more wonderful children alhumdulilah. Hesibeh, Abdel Aziz (formally Ezra), and Abdullah (formally Ovadia) during these years I tried to convince myself that Judaism was a true path and I just didn’t understand it because I never read the entire set of Talmud and it 3 different ways of understanding it including the “hidden level”. You see this is the trick in the rabbinical cult, you will not EVER finish learning all the rabbinic text thus u are subservient to the Rabbis (aka Elders of Zion) who will interpret Judaism for you. During this time frame the Rabbis saw that we doubted there beliefs thus constantly followed our family contacting all new friends and employers etc. The Rabbis MUST ALWAYS know where you move to and who are your friends. The Rabbis were starting to be a big nuisance as were the Rabbinical Jews, so seeking a better future elsewhere we loaded up the family and moved to Palestine. (then like most westerners we were brainwashed to refer to the Jew entity as Israel).

RonMossad said...

September, 1998 we now arrived in Ghaza [Gaza] , or what the Jewish squatters refer to as Gush Qatif. Quickly my wife was turned off by the lies of the folk there and my son Abdel Rahman came running home from school one day saying “Daddy, my teacher doesn’t cover her hair properly, her dress is to short, they don’t learn Torah here and all they do is play”!!

Maashaallah[2], my son was very correctl, so with no possessions or money we set off to find a home in the nearby Jew settlement of Netivot in occupied 1948 Palestine. Shas, a “religious political party” immediately helped us by providing a home and their private school system and my kids went from knowing NO Hebrew to being tops in there class alhumdulilah. During our stay in Netivot I met a Muslim from UAEm, and we had conversations for about two years where he would ask me questions about Jewish Aqeedah or Jewish creed, and then compare it to Tawheed al Elohiya a part of Islamic Monotheism. I would then go and ask major Rabbis questions about the Jewish creed and always got 60000 different answers. The Jews can’t even tell you where there God is based on text; rather they say God is everywhere! (authubilah[3]) One day I decided to go to the Arab souk and buy a translation of the meaning of the Holy Quran in the English language. Subhanallah[4]!!!!! I could not put it down!! Every problem I had with Jews and Judaism was being addressed by Allah the Most High, in the 1st three chapters of the Quran Allah answered most of my doubts about Judaism. The Quran is firm with the Jews and invites them to a just truth (Islam) to save them from the hellfire their ancestors are currently in.

When I finished reading the entire Quran, I could no longer associate with Jews any longer, thus I was obliged to tell my wife I am a Muslim. Alhumdulilah within 2 weeks my wife decided to read the Quran and became a Muslimah!!! Then the kids after her alhumdulilah. Soon after this we moved to the Palestinian Authority and East Jerusalem where we lived for almost 6 years.

Today 2006 alhumdulilah we live in Morocco

My kids’ alhumdulilah no longer remember Hebrew and their 1st language is Arabic. All are learning in Islamic Arabic schools alhumdulilah, and we thank Allah subahanahu wa tala [5] for blessing us with Islam.


[1] All praise is due to God – IslamReligion.
[2] A statement of praise, “Whatever Allah wills.”
[3] We seek protection in Allah!
[4] Glory be to Allah!
[5] Glory be to Him, the Most High.

User Comments

Name: Aristide NDa
Country: United States
E-mail: Private
Date: 14 May 2007
Comment: Salam, Brother i'm very happy for you. Alhumdulilah you did not waste no time in accepting Islam. I hope Allah that help you and your family in whatever you planning to do and that Allah make you a good and strong Muslim. Your story touch my heart and wish you the best of luck in Morocco. wassalam

Name: said zaid
Country: Unknown
E-mail: Private
Date: 17 Aug 2007
Comment: i really enjoyed reading your story.May ALLAH bless you.

vasty said...

"Without exception every single one of these extremists absolutely shatter the absolute myth that in order to become a terrorist you must grow up in a closed, poverty-stricken society. Sorry Chomsky, sorry ANSWER Coalition, sorry International Solidarity Movement, sorry Daily Kos, but none of these guys had their land "stolen" by Zionists. None of these guys were the subject of "evil" American foreign policy. None of these guys were disenfranchised minorities. They were people who were raised in exactly the type of environment you WANT them to be raised in and look what it got them. Look what it got all of us."

Too many eggshells to walk's time for some dirty scrambled eggs...

Ronbo said...

Excellent article: You're doing the job the Lamestream Media won't do!

Would you mind if the post your article on my blog, "The Freedom Fighter's Journal?"

I have been a friend and supporter of Israel and the Jews since I was a child in the 1950s and read the books on the Holocaust.

Today I look with horror on the rising tide of Islamic anti-Semitism that is once again aimed at the mass murder of the Jews.

Sincerely, Ronbo

RonMossad said...

Yeah Ronbo go for it. The media is not paying attention to the radicalization of our youth at all - yet this problem has been known since at least 2001.

Anonymous said...

As a Muslim, I wish you guys would keep your trash, like Cohen and Chessler in your camp. Thanks

RonMossad said...

No that's quite all right - you can have them. One correction though brother, I don't think Chesser is one of ours...I'm pretty sure he's Christian.

costin said...

wow! your blog rocks!

Ronbo said...



Article posted here.

And added you to my blog roll.

RonMossad said...

Thanks costin and Ronbo, ya'll don't be strangers now

Anonymous said...

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