Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back on track...

Shifting back to Middle East affairs...check out this Mordechai Kedar interview on al-Jazeera.

Professor Kedar, a professor specializing in Arab history, allowed himself to be interviewed by a not-so-shockingly biased al-Jazeera reporter. The reporter repeatedly berated and scolded him with nonsensical "facts" in a transparent attempt to appeal to the satellite channel's pre-dominantly Arab viewership. However, Kedar proudly stood his ground and embarrassed the reporter when he attempted to make a claim that "you can not take Jerusalem out of the Q'uran" by informing him that the Arabic word for "Jerusalem" (Al-Quds) of course is never actually mentioned in the entire book.

Kedar also offers no apologies for his country's lack of willingness to negotiate the final status of its capital, noting that "we [Jews] were here when your forefathers were drinking wine, burying their daughters alive and worshipping idols" - a reference to the time of the Jahiliya, (the Arabic word for "ignorance") before Muhammad brought Islam to the world approximately 600 years after Jerusalem was ransacked by the Romans, which was approximately 1,000 years after it was first declared the capital of the Jewish homeland by King David.

In any case, Kedar performed admirably and courageously in the face of interrogation-style questions by the "reporter," knowing full well that most of the people watching the exchange would be incredibly hostile towards him and his comments.

Another Jew showing signs of strength is Noam Shalit, father of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Noam, recently spoke out against the truce Olmert's government reached with Hamas, saying that the government had failed him and that the Gaza blockade should not be lifted until his son was returned to him. He said this and is considering suing the government to prevent it from happening, despite the fact that re-opening of Gaza is an alleged starting point to negotiations that are supposed to bring his son back to him.

The reason Noam is against this, is because unlike Olmert he is no fool. As soon as any terrorist group has their demands met, they come back with more. And then more. And then more. All the while building up their strength and legitimacy in the international community.

It's like that old joke about the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)...or really any terrorist group:

Why should you never eat at a restaurant run by the PLO?

Because they don't take orders, they only make demands...

Olmert should know this, but apparently, he's not so big on jokes...or history (or common sense) for that matter - since he has apparently agreed to free Samir Kuntar in a deal for two other captured (and at this point presumed dead) soldiers. Kuntar, a notorious terrorist, murderer and general piece of garbage was involved in an attack in Nehariya during which he smashed a four year old girl's head against a rock and crushed her skull. In exchange for giving this scum-of-the-earth (as well as several other friends of Nasrallah) his freedom, Olmert will get back the bodies of the two soldiers he launched a war in 2006 to save. And if anyone was unsure of how to perceive this disaster, those who clicked on the Time article about the Kuntar story will have read that one of Nasrallah's stated goals for kidnapping these soldiers was to get this jerk, Kuntar back into Lebanon where he will (like all monsters) receive a hero's welcome.

What's that you say? Let bygones be bygones? Well, tell that to Hamas (remember that joke about making demands from a couple paragraphs ago?) who has already declared that Kuntar's release sets a new precedent for prisoner exchange demands for Hamas as well.


Seriously...has there been a more irresponsible national leader than this guy in the last two decades? I mean you really have to start mentioning names like Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Mullah Muhammad Omar in Afghanistan in this discussion. These men also made shockingly irresponsible decisions, gambled with their citizens' fates thinking it was in their best interests and eventually cost their countries' their independence....

Let's hope Olmert's nation does not meet the same fate as theirs.

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TovahR said...

Ehud Olmert is a poor Commander in Chief. He displays little understanding of war, diplomacy, and the art of negotiation. He has a poor grasp on the psyche of his enemy which completely baffles me. The US should keep his example in mind when they go to the polls in November.