Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Check out the most popular stories on cnn.com from today:

1 Woman recalls polygamous childhood
2 Criticism of Britney's body?
3 Online sleuths join Fossett search
4 Russians offered cars for babies
5 Kenny Chesney bounces back
6 Kathy Griffin to be censored
7 Dave guests on 'Oprah'
8 Sources confirm Israeli airstrike
9 AP: Bush to adopt Petraeus advice
10 Users weigh in on Petraeus

This stupid country...

Never forget.

1 comment:

Tzipp said...

People laugh when you say that if you don't remember history it will repeat itself. It hasnt been a decade and no one cares at all anymore. But they care about brittany freaking spears?! That list is ridiculous...even if I would have a baby if someone gave me a car... j/k