Thursday, February 11, 2010

The sanction of the victim and the guiltiest man in the room: Part I, THESIS

This post (which also happens to be's 100th article) is the first entry in a multi-part series on the Jewish obsession with victimhood, the root cause of it and what the answer to it should be. Follow-ups will be posted beginning with Part II this coming Tuesday, February 16th. Part of my hiatus from blogging this past month was spent in Israel developing these thoughts into what I hope will come together as a coherent ideology that American Jews take seriously.

And it is not an over-dramatization to say that a change in ideology is imperative, as our future is getting cloudier by the day...


That creed has lasted for centuries solely by the sanction of the victims—by means of the victims' acceptance of punishment for breaking a code impossible to practice.
--John Galt, chief protagonist of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

I think that Hizbullah represents the hope. They are fighting to defend their homeland, they are fighting to defend the independence of their country...and I consider it to be genuinely to be an honor to be in their presence.
--Norman Finkelstein

How can death become joyous? How can death become happiness? When Al-Hussein asked his nephew Al-Qassem, when he had not yet reached puberty: "How do you like the taste of death, son?" He answered that it was sweeter than honey. How can the foul taste of death become sweeter than honey? Only through conviction, ideology, and faith, through belief, and devotion.
--Hasan Nasrallah, head of Hizballah

In fact, if Christ himself stood in my way, I, like Nietzsche, would not hesitate to squish him like a worm
--Ernesto 'Che' Guevara



Who is guiltier, the professional murderer or his sacrificial victim?

Regular readers of this blog will recall a previous article where we explored the bizarre obsession of academics, journalists, self-professed "liberals" and even clergy to perpetually fault Israel and the Jews for the escalating rocket attacks and violence that ended up culminating in the Gaza War of last year. The conclusion we came to was that no matter how violent and barbaric Palestinian terrorists were in the pursuit of their goals, in the end it was irrelevant because the rest of the world viewed their cause as just. All the while Israel's right (or perhaps "struggle" would be a more accurate word) to protect its citizens and simply EXIST was secondary at best, unnecessary and unjust at worst.

It didn't matter what was happening to the citizens of Sderot and Ashkelon and Ashdod and all of southern Israel in the years since the disengagement just like it didn't matter what had happened to the residents of Acre, Haifa, Nehariya and all of northern Israel during the 2006 Lebanon war. Nor did matter what had happened to Jewish residents of the Galillee in the years preceding the 1967 war, the Jewish victims of the Palestinian Fedayeen in the years preceding the 1956 war, the Jews of Hebron, Jerusalem, Kfar Etzion and all of Israel preceding the 1948 war and the Jews of Iraq, Yemen and the whole of the Arab world AFTER 1948. And what about that Gilad Shalit guy? STILL in captivity but who cares about him anyway, right?

Likewise irrelevant were the countless, unending (whether they be Jewish or not) victims of Palestinian riots, intifadas, knife attacks, bus bombings, airplane and boat hijackings, restaurant attacks, hotel massacres, disco infernos, highway shootings or other terror attacks over a century of upheaval.

None of this matters to the outside world because - as my earlier post argued - they believe that the Arabs are right and the Israelis are wrong. This has been the case at least since the UN resolution demanding the Arab refugees' "right of return" not just to the West Bank and Gaza but to Israel proper. Zionist experiment over, time to go back to the status quo that existed before the Holocaust...sorry Jews, that was a nice run you had but who were you kidding trying to build a state and army of your own? How dare you try to ignore 2,000 years of historical dominance over your miserable nation?

Make no mistake, when you support people who support a policy that approves of the 4 million or so Arabs who today call themselves "Palestinian refugees" that is exactly what you are saying. When you support movements that have this as one of their stated (or unstated) purposes, regardless of what else these movements seek to accomplish - this is what you are getting.

And make no mistake, this phenomenon is not limited purely to the Arab-Israeli conflict. It doesn't matter that the Communists had a great space program, Mussolini made the trains run on time or that the Nazis were lovely environmentalists...they were all murderers whose evil far outweighed their good.

Yet today how many times do you see Americans and often Jews

wearing a shirt with this guy on it? Or do you see posters of Che Guevara in their college dorm rooms? Who cares if he hated the exact system that allowed your parents to save up and pay for the college education that taught you about Cuban history and Marxism? What does is matter if that system is precisely what Che wanted to destroy? And that if given the power he would have gladly rounded your parents up and had them executed at one of his "revolutionary tribunals" as he did to countless Cubans and then tried to export his revolution to Africa. Buy the t-shirts, wear them with pride. If it's anti-establishment it MUST be cool, right?

Nor is this limited to long-dead, mythical, historical figures. Hugo Chavez must be totally wicked awesome if he denounces President Bush...nevermind the fact that he supports insane, nuclear-obsessed lunatics like the Iranian mullahs or that his government arms and funds FARC terrorists that kill innocent Columbians or that he incites anti-Israel hatred and creates an escalating climate of hostility towards Jews or that he destroys freedom of speech, shuts down political opponents and threatens them with a bloodbath.

Or that he apparently can't multiply...

So with that in mind, what difference does it make that Yasir Arafat or Saddam Hussein were as likely behead you as they were to embrace your support? Keep wearing your kefiyyahs and anti-Israel t-shirts. Keep demanding an end to the "occupation" and the installation of theocrats and dictators instead of the liberal democracy that is there today.

And is STILL the ONLY place in a 2,000 mile radius that guarantees the safety of ALL minorities, including gays.

This picture, taken at an anti-Israel rally during last year's Gaza war is essentially the ANTI-thesis statement for what MUST become the new focus of truly pro-Israel movements and movements that claim to espouse Jewish pride.

When we pretend that the moral high-ground can be achieved by sympathizing with the forces that will destroy us, no matter how pathetic or mainstream they may appear to the rest of the world, we become our own enemy, we sanction our own destruction and we become guiltier than the murderer that seeks to murder us.

This simply cannot continue.


In the next installment: SANCTION, we will explore the ridiculousness of working to advance the cause of people who wish to destroy you. Stay tuned and if you're trapped by the Northeast "Snowpocalypse" today, stay safe.


Mike (NJ) said...

Liron absolutely one of the best articles yet. The self-haters are, unfortunately, the greatest asset of the enemy. More troubling is the ADL, who supposedly stands up for us, yet Abraham Foxman pals around with "DR." Salaam Fayad (and had a nice picture of them shaking hands on their homepage a while back). Funny about how when I e-mailed them to question and admonish it, I never received a response!

RonMossad said...

Thanks Mike - stay tuned for the next entries in the series...this one was really just an introduction and it barely scratches the surface of where I'm going with it...

Vasty said...

a freakin hundred? Looking forward to reading the past 99 :) Congrats!

RonMossad said...

Good to hear from you Vasty - nice that all of what you got out of this blog was found in the first sentence lol

Vasty said...

lol yeah well what am I supposed to do, disagree?? But I'm dating someone who got the idea somewhere that the "palestinians" are actually Jews who have somehow lost their heritage and are now making everyone's life miserable.... Ever hear of that theory? Second time I've come across it.

Vasty said...

RonMossad said...

I don't know...much more likely that some Palestinian Arabs converted to Judaism over the years and just kept it quiet for whatever reason. I think they're pretty clearly Arabs...

Watching the video now, not so convinced...

Anonymous said...

We have an exploding global population that sympathizes with an exploding Muslim population that romanticizes and embraces death with more alacrity than the West embraces life.
Death is the greatest goal for these true believers, and this frightens the hell out of us.
We delude ourselves with some sad,perverse concept of what it means to be a human being; we blind ourselves to the simple truth: the only way to rid ourselves of our murderers is to kill them first.

Anonymous said...

“Che’s life is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom … we will always honor his memory.” — Nelson Mandela

RonMossad said...

Did Nelson have anything nice to say about Mussolini or Stalin too?

Bringing me examples of other people liking Guevara doesn't change the fact that he was a terrible man...all it does is make these other people look stupid and/or ignorant.

Unknown said...

What can I say?

Send the communists to Gulags, watch them die from cold injuries and stavation.

Send the gays to muslim countries, watch them get whipped, sterilized and finally, hanged.

If thats the way its going to be, let it be.

RonMossad said...

Guy I noticed a lot of comments from you on various posts - thanks for your support.

The irony of supposedly liberal people supporting dictatorships will never ever get old...

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