Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This just in: FATAH no better than HAMAS

In the Middle East, it's entirely unsurprising to realize that people you were told were moderate are really just as bad as the extremists. We've documented this in the West Bank and Gaza several times in the past.

Here's the latest example from the Jerusalem Post:

Hamas on Monday accused the Palestinian Authority security forces of torturing one of its supporters to death in a detention center in the West Bank.

Oh really? That's odd...aren't these the guys the Israelis are supposed to be negotiating with?

He was arrested last June by the PA's General Intelligence Service on suspicion of membership in Hamas.

Well if ever there was a crime worthy of arrest, that's it I guess...

PA security officers claimed that an initial investigation showed that Hamadeh had committed suicide.

But the man's older brother, Muhammad, strongly denied the claim, saying that Hamadeh could never have considered committing suicide because he was religious.

Hamas also dismissed the claim, saying Hamadeh, like most Hamas-affiliated detainees, had died as a result of brutal torture.

Hamas legislator Salah Bardaweel said that "every Palestinian child has by now heard of the various torture methods used by the Palestinian security forces."

Wow Salah, every Palestinian child? Are you asserting this isn't the first time that the wonderful Fatah-run, Palestinian Authority, darling of Europe, the UN and the West has done something like this?

That can't POSSIBLY be true, can it??

Hamadeh is the second detainee to die in a PA prison since the beginning of the month. On August 4, a top Hamas operative, Kamal Abu Toyamah, died in a Jordan hospital shortly after being released from a PA detention center in the West Bank.

Abu Toyamah was arrested by PA security forces in September 2008, but was released two months ago after a serious deterioration in his health.

His family and Hamas also accused the PA security forces of torturing him while he was in detention.

At least six Palestinians have died in PA detention centers in the past two years. Hamas and human rights organizations estimate that up to 1,000 Palestinians are being held without trial by Abbas's security forces on suspicion of membership in Hamas.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the people Israel is expected to negotiate with. These are the people we're supposed to tell families in the West Bank to stop having babies for. These are the people we're supposed to uproot innocent men women and children for. There are the people we're supposed to trust.

And it's not like this is something new.

Fatah is responsible for two intifadas and the deaths of thousands of Jews and Palestinians alike. Just in May, barely three months ago, Fatah sentenced a Palestinian to death for selling his land to a Jew, a common practice for Fatah in the West Bank. This goes along with numerous reports from the recent Gaza war of Hamas blowing away dozens of Palestinians for being members of Fatah and more recently stealing UN ambulances. An event that the UN itself is so scared to admit is true, that they've resorted to putting up undated pictures of the alleged ambulances still in their custody.

I mean, is there anything more sad or pathetic than a victim, in fear for their own safety, doing everything possible to exonerate the perpetrator?

Are you starting to get the picture yet? All the world does is demand, demand, demand from Israel that they negotiate with people who can barely refrain from killing their own citizens for five minutes. These are the people who the peace activists want and expect us to be friends with. I guess it's Israeli settlements in the West Bank that make Hamas and Fatah slaughter each other like a band of rabid hyenas. It must be those awful Jewish highways, farms and irrigation systems that make a Gaza father bludgeon his daughter to death in an Islamic "honor" killing. Or cause Hamas to prevent ambulances from taking sick Palestinians to ISRAELI HOSPITALS. Everywhere you look, everyday there's another unbelievable story about one Arab killing another Arab and blaming a Jew for it. Everyday it seems to get worse.

Because you see, in the Arab Middle East, if you're not a camel or a sand dune, you've probably got some Palestinian or Jewish blood on your hands.

There is just NO ONE for Israel to talk to here. No one.


A Jew With A View said...

Shalom :)

I'm not remotely surprised by this. I just don't understand why the world persists in thinking of Fatah as 'moderate'. It's not. It never was.

Fatah has the same goals as Hamas. The sole difference is that while Hamas is open and blatant about its desire to kill Jews, Fatah is less candid.

But like Hamas, Fatah too rejects the right of Israel to exist.

Last week, Fatah held a three day conference. It was attended by numerous terrorists - and Israel let some of them move freely around the country so they could attend:

Why on EARTH does Israel LET this happen?

It is so frustrating!!!

A Jew With A View said...

Well said, by the way! :)

Miriam said...

I found your blog via another website. I'm happy to have found it.

Why is it that the world can't see all this??? It seems so over their heads.

RonMossad said...

Miriam - it's baffling really. But then when you think about it, what else is new right?

We didn't learn from WWI. We didn't learn from WWII. And we certainly didn't learn from the Cold War...

Great site by the way!

RonMossad said...

Tabatha - Israel lets it happen because deep down inside Jews are real idealists. We really really just want to believe that we are dealing with human beings instead of the complete evil we are faced with.

Also, we're very stubborn. It goes all the back to the desert and Moses. I mean God takes us out of Egypt with the 10 plagues, splits the Red Sea, SPEAKS TO US and what do we do? Golden calf.

How stupid!

And yet, some things just never change.

3 שקל said...

Regarding your old comment: For many people, 9/11 was an amazing event. A gift from... well, believing in God is not politically correct so... Argh. Either way, 9/11 struck a blow against Capitalism, Americans, Technology and other politically incorrect stuff and paved the way for NATURAL and HEALTHY AS FUCK life in the woods!

Well... I still think Fatah is better than Hamas... a little better, but not much. Torture? Don't USA/Israel might use that too...? Hmm.. Although something tells me we treat our prisoners better (REMEMBER: I'm a Jew straight outta IsraHell (HAHAHA I'M CLEVUR).

Hey, it's supply and demand. Hamas/Fatah supply the stories, and we get the demands. It's a fair trade if you ask a peace activist who watches porn and smokes crack.

Reading this blog seriously makes me feel like I'm reading Catch-22. You should read that novel. It's a funny novel. I heard Heller was a Jew. Grr burn the book Jews are evil >=|

You don't like liberals, no? Also, check out The People's Cube. You'll love them.

RonMossad said...

I do like liberals...there just aren't any left on this planet.

And I love Catch-22. They should just rename Israel Catch-22.