Monday, February 12, 2007

Anti-Zionist = Anti-Jewish

For my first serious post, I figured I'd start off with something I already posted on an Internet forum. One debate that always seems to pop up is whether or not you can be anti-Zionist without being an anti-Semite (or anti-Jew, seeing as how the biggest anti-Semites today, are Semites).

The reason why all Jews MUST support Israel and why anti-Israel (anti-Zionism?) = anti-Jewish is the exact same thing is very simple.


Well, not exactly...more like 73-2007.

Since the Romans scattered us to the four corners of the globe, we have relied on other nations to protect us, to shelter us. For 2,000 years our people migrated from country to country, from Asia to Africa to Europe to the New World in search of peace and freedom. Not freedom to vote or freedom to speak...just freedom to live. Let's not pretend that people only started persecuting Jews in 1948. In the end, every nation that promised to give us a home and guaranteed to treat us as normal members of society turned their backs on us.

The French took us in...they committed massacres against us. The Spanish took us in...they brought us the Inquisition. The Poles took us in...they put us in ghettos (which was probably the nicest treatment out of anyone). The Russians took us in, they started pogroms against us. The Muslims took us in, they treated us as second-class citizens and tried to forcibly convert us (although for a long time they were much better than the Christians). The Germans took us in...they assimilated us. And then World War 2 rolled around.

Who protected us during World War 2 when Hitler decided we were the scum of the Earth and needed to be exterminated? The Poles? No...they sold us out and then massacred the survivors who returned home. The glorious, cultured, French? They couldn't WAIT to surrender to the Germans and send us into the ovens. The Russians? Well sure they liberated the camps...and then promptly shipped us off to Siberian gulags for 50 or so years. The Americans and the British? Well...they did liberate us and allow us to live with the same freedoms as everyone else, but where were they during the war? Where were they when our grandparents came to them on ships as refugees as they fled the coming Nazi menace? Where were they when word of the astonishing massacres reached their governments?

Did they take us in? No, they turned us away because their "quotas" were full. Did they bomb the gas chambers or the train tracks that led to them? No, because they "couldn't spare" the ammunition. Everyone stood by and let it happen. Every nation in Europe has Jewish blood on its hands. And it surprised us because these were enlightened societies bound by the rule of law and morality.

But it shouldn't surprise us. It's nothing new. It's been going on since the Romans walked into Metzada and realized there was nothing there but dead bodies. We killed ourselves instead of fighting to the death. And our people have been kicked around by the rest of the world ever since. We have no one to rely on. No one will protect us, unless it serves their own interests. That doesn't make them evil, it just makes them human. The evil ones are those that seek to destroy us, as they always have, for the simple reason that we are Jews.

And that is why...when for the first time in over 2,000 years...there is an entirely independent Jewish state, with an independent Jewish army, that is powerful, we MUST support them. Whether we choose to live there or not. Whether we agree with the government's policies or not. Whether we believe we must wait for the messiah or not. We MUST support them. Because without them...when the world turns their backs on us again...who will be there for us? To take us in. To protect us.

Without a home...we're just nomads who have to hope and pray that others will protect us. With our own country, we are a nation. Proud, to control our own destiny. That's why it's simple.

Jews must support Israel under any and all circumstances. I don't care what your politics are, what your religious views are, we are all united in one way. We're all Jews and we can only rely on ourselves and each other.

All Jews must support Israel.


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